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Saturday, December 31, 2011

2012....whats next?

Well this year has been one unforgettable year. From beautiful photo shoots in the mountains in the Spring, chasing and capturing one of the deadliest tornadoes on record to finding the love of my life and getting married. My photography and videography got a boost as my video work and photo made it to CNN and other broadcast markets, newspapers across the Southeast this year during the Tuscaloosa Tornado event. Sometimes I wish I had never seen what I saw that day.
2011 saw some decent lightning shots this year but not as many as I would have hoped for.
EMS work and photography work was been good and out of the blue this year I found someone that was so unlike anyone I had ever met. Kept everything under wraps, no Facebook updates etc etc.. so it was no small surprise to everyone when I announced I was to be married. Cant wait to get some chase time in next year and some road trips to get some photo work in. Going to really push to grow my photography business in 2012 by getting out of my comfort zone. Yes 2011 was an unforgettable year, make you wonder what 2012 holds in store for us.

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