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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Forever April 27 2011....

  --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Six months ago today a monster, one of many, rampaged across my home state of Alabama. Leaving a trail of death, destruction still felt today. I went searching for a monster and found one that day. I question why sometimes and still have dreams of this day. In one dream I was there and knew what would happen and spent the entire dream telling people what was coming but no one would listen and in the end I would cower under a shelter or would watch it come right at me. Every time.. I wake up, pulse racing... feeling of loss. This storm would go on to carve a path across the entire state. It would pass just north of my hometown of Anniston, but not before leveling half my dads church in a near miss and then killing two distant kin of mine. Later I was able to carry a trailer back to the First Baptist Church of Williams near Jacksonville and spend four days hauling supplies to families homes and also loading supplies to families coming in some with nothing more than what was in their vehicles. I later returned again and spent three days offering free family portraits to those who lost theirs in the storm. Still, I feel sometimes I haven't done enough. I question myself, could I have done anything on that day to help? Was I nothing more than a spectator with a video camera and cameras? I still don't really have an answer to these questions, but my outlook on chasing has greatly changed. Today the sun is shining and beautiful Fall weather is in full effect. Trees are showing their glory in beautiful colors as chilly nights slowly take hold. But for me its forever April 27 2011.... (ALL PICTURES ARE COPYRIGHTED)

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